I went to one of those big electronic stores in the mall…you know – the ones that don’t have to post their names on the wall, just their logo? I was all prepared to purchase one of their big items. The fellow just inside the door made some confusing comments, then told us they were out of stock. I was visibly disappointed. So then he says, “What would your primary purpose in using it be?” Um…. what? Didn’t he just say they were out of them?
“I don’t understand the question,” I said.
He actually slowed down, enunciating carefully, and repeated: “What…would….your….primary….” Uh-huh.
Of course, Irish is about to burst out of my eardrums, so I said, “Seems like a mute point since you said you were out of them.”
Oh well, they had a few of one type. Ah.
That’s when he dummied-down his description of the types since I obviously had no idea what I wanted. He’s pointing to the card explaining the systems. So, looking at him and not the card, I said, “I’m looking for the XYZ model with the ABC capability.” That’s right – numbers and letters and everything. I think I even used “gigabyte” correctly.
His response surprised me: “Black or white?”
Me: “White.”
Him: Shakes head sadly.
Me: “Black.”
Him: Shakes head sadly.
At this point my husband takes my arm and begins to usher me away from our errant friend before I unleash some of those Shakespearean and even some non-Shakespearean insults upon his head. I took one step out of the open doorway and said, “What a jerk!”
So, here are some facts I came away with:
* a monopoly on a product creates a dangerous attitude
* I’m never shopping at that store again
* it’s good that I take blood pressure pills
* I’m still getting one of those stupid machines, so the monopoly won
* Even though the “sales” guy was a condescending misogynist, I walked in and out of there with God’s banner over me, like it or not, and I failed in my witness
* My witness is more important than my pride in my Irish temper or any attempt at ascerbic wit


9 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. “a monopoly on a product creates a dangerous attitude”

    Um, AMEN. Lol. I’m not a fan of this logo store, myself. Sorry you had a bad experience with them. =(

  2. Love your blog. Will read it every day. I can relate since I have an Irish temper also (not always under control like yous, though…lol)

    1. I think you were a bit too hard on yourself. Even Jesus called the Pharisees a brood of vipers. I am sure he just smiled a little and was proud of your ability to let the young man remain alive with a healthy body.

      Just sayin’

  3. Hmmm. I recently went into similar type store, although it had a name not just a recognizable logo. I think the young man who didn’t help me any more than yours did you must have been his relative. I voted for “graphite” although maybe it was a reflection of my mood after trying to give my money away to an unappreciative youngster.

    1. HAHAHA!!! Yeah – I’m afraid my choice would have been “Fiery Red” by the time it was over!! Ordered mine on-line and skipped the grumpy sales people…. Nice to have a son and daughter who can be my tech support! 🙂

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