I spent the first twentysomething years of my life in Michigan – most of them in Kalamazoo. Nice city, very cultural. Elvis performed there once! Famous for Gibson guitars and, um… Well, I’m sure there’s a lot more than that! Nearest professional ball teams were Detroit.  It was a nice place to be raised.

I spent the next twentysomething years of my life in Gulfport, Mississippi. I don’t think Elvis ever performed there. But if he had hung around a little longer, I’m sure he would have headlined at one of the casinos. Again, nice place. Nearest pro teams were in the next state.  It was a good place to raise my children (although better before the casinos).

Now I’m in Texas. Dallas/Ft. Worth. My mailing address isn’t either one of those, but around here that barely matters. If you live anywhere in the vicinity, you’re in the Metroplex and claim DFW as home.

And this is really freaking me out.

I mean, there are professional ball teams here! Like four of them? The Superbowl was played here! Hubby and I were in a restaurant in Irving/DFW yesterday and I swear the big guy in the booth across from me looked familiar. He was probably Somebody.

Because Somebody lives here! You know what I mean? The former President of the United States lives here! When gossip columns talk about where stars were spotted, some of them were spotted HERE! I was following one of my favorite Christian speakers/writers on Twitter the other day and found out she lives less than 20 minutes from my home!

I now live in a place that people GO to…. on PURPOSE! Do you know how crazy that is? I’m still trying to get my head around it. This is the place newscasters aim for professionally, not the smaller middle-American station I’m used to which is their launching pad for bigger and better. This IS their bigger and better.  In Gulfport, you could NEVER get a home makeover team from TLC to come to your house. But they do that all the time in DFW!

So, as I contemplate tickets to the latest professional game or big-name concert, while  eating at a restaurant and watching carefully around me for a familiar face, I’ll also be planning which room to start with as I petition the makeover people to come check me out… I think I need to start carrying an autograph book with me!

But, nah…. Us DFW’ers are used to all that hob-nobbing with the big guys. Next time I see George and Laura, I’ll invite them to join us for dessert.


2 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. hey extreme make over would be great if they come over send them this way . But, come on cant beat a small town where you wave or say Hi to everyone

    1. Yeah, I do miss that. Actually, we go to church in a small town like that. Truthfully, I’d be living in a big ol’ farmhouse out in the country if I had my druthers. 🙂

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