I never intended “Whoa!” Wednesday to be a forum for my moral outrage, but that seems to be what keeps coming up. I mean, in this economy, you’d think retailers and services would be more sensitive and appreciative of their customers. When it costs me $60 to fill up my tank to drive to their store to spend more money, I should think a little tlc is in order.

Granted, it was just a fast food “restaurant.” I made my order, drove to the window. (Do you hate as much as I do trying to figure out which window to drive to? I’ve sat at a window for moments before, only to find out that one is closed and I was to move up to the next. Don’t know how long they would have kept me there. Is it so hard to post a sign?) The man at the window, his shirt and tie making me think he might be a manager, was talking to two workers beside him. I am, oddly enough, expecting him to stop and take the debit card from my outstretched hand.


I wait, he talks. At least one worker makes eye contact with me. I continue to wait.

Did I mention this was morning? I, along with 9/10 of DFW am on my way to work? And who DOESN’T run late?

So finally I said, “Am I supposed to give you this?”

Are you ready, my moral outrage buddies?

He turns TOWARD me, nods impatiently, and holds up his hand in a “wait” signal.

Uh huh.

THEN, he obviously is getting an order on his headset and types that into his machine and responds to them first before finally taking my card, swiping it, and handing it back without so much as an “in your ear.”


So what to do?  Do I have a right to speak up and complain about such treatment, manager or no?  I’m not suggesting an outburst like my “Jerk!” at the electronics store – I DO try to learn my lessons.  And, mind you, I have called managers of stores and restaurants before to make sure they know how awesome their workers were (boy was that Wal Mart manager shocked!), so I’m not always grumpy and wanting to voice the negative.

As I drove up to the next window (with a smiling, polite lady, by the way), I struggled with what, if anything, to say.  I was so irritated, that I just took my food and drove on, but I’ve contemplated it since then. 

Do I have a right to speak up?  Sure!  But aren’t all my rights as a Christian wrapped up in Christ?  And didn’t He say to love one another?  And doesn’t His Word say that love is patient and kind and doesn’t find fault? 

Maybe I need to focus on making my visit to wherever I go memorable.  Mr. Rude Manager would have remembered me later if I had thrown a fit and made a formal (or informal) complaint.  But he would also have remembered me if I had said, “Busy day, huh!  Have a great morning!”  when he knew I was irritated and he had behaved poorly. 

And since that God banner is still over me, which memory would I prefer to leave him with?


6 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. Oh that makes me mad!!! Now, I do not believe that it is ever, ever ok to be rude in return to someone else. That is simply stooping down to their level, making me look bad and being a horrible example of a Christian. BUT, that does not mean that as Christians we are to be doormats. If it were me, I believe I would have found out the name of that…gentleman…, and then driven away. You don’t treat me like that and then receive my money. I would have called the manager (and possibly the corporate office) to let them know why they lost my business this morning. Not just to tattle, but they really DO care about customer service, and want to know how to improve! Their goal is to make money, and they know the only way to do that is to make the consumer happy!

    And just for reference sake, since I just went to you in the next room and asked you which restaurant you were referring to, let me say that there must be some sort of vortex between the first and second window! At the first, they are always sullen, and at least hinting of rudeness. And at the second, they have always been sunshine and smiles! Lol, go figure!

  2. If you are like me, it is so upsetting when you get a reminder that we are “human”. Thank God that Jesus has our sins covered. I battle my “human” behavior most every day.”

  3. I would of drove off when he Put his hand up to wait. I then would of been really mad because I was hungry and then upset with myself for acting like an non christian then I would had to pray all night asking for forgiveness for being a jerk to a jerk. sometimes eating just isnt worth it

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