As if writing a story in 500-700 words wasn’t challenge enough, I gave myself another goal this time: Write the story entirely in dialogue.

Sibling Teleportation
“I’ll bet I can get this whole thing in my mouth.”
“It’s a slider, but it’s still supposed to be at least two bites.”
“Wanna bet?”
“No. That’s disgusting.”
“I win.”
“You know I can do it. That’s why you won’t bet. I win already.”
“Hah! You’re on!…Oh that’s gross.”
“Bud I-“
“Ew. Wait until you swallow that mess.”
“But I did it. You pay for lunch.”
“Don’t I always? You’ll never change.”
“All things considered, that should be a comfort and relief.”
“Yeah…some stability is nice. Even if it is a wacko kid brother.”
“Wanna see me drink my Coke through my nose?”
“No! Okay, so you made me laugh.”
“I win again!”
“Thank you for that.”
“For winning?”
“For making me laugh. Not much of that happening lately.”
“It’s gonna be okay, Jen.”
“No, Josh, it isn’t. How am I supposed to do this?”
“As the old saying goes, ‘One day at a time.’”
“Oh brother. That’s about the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“But really, Jen. We can’t predict, so it’s best not to even anticipate. If you go in thinking today is a good day and she ends up calling you Trudy or something, you’re crushed. But if you just go in, like any day, it doesn’t matter.”
“Doesn’t matter?!”
“You know what I mean.”
“No, that’s just it. I don’t know what to think and I have to think something. If I think every day is going to be a Trudy day, the stress is killer. If I think every day is going to be a good day, the blank look in her eye when she sees me is like a dagger to my heart.”
“I’m sorry, Jen.”
“I’m not here more. You shouldn’t have to do this alone. She’s my mom too.”
“But you’re not here. You can’t help that. You have a job, a family. You’re just too far away.”
“Let’s change that.”
“Josh, don’t be silly. You can’t—“
“No, but we can…. Remember?”
“Wait… Are you talking about teleportation? Josh, don’t be ridiculous. We were kids.”
“And it worked! Every single time. When I was alone at Dad’s and he was … being Dad, I beamed you over and I wasn’t alone anymore.”
“But it was—“
“Don’t! Don’t diminish it! It saved my life, Jen. You were there.”
“Okay, okay, calm down…. Teleportation….That’s a little nuts, I gotta say.”
“Saved my life, Jen. I promise I won’t let you down. You beam me over and I’ll be there. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll look in your eye and know you… Oh please don’t cry.”
“No, I’m okay. It’s just…Well, I think it may work.”
“I know it will. Now, let’s go see Mom. She can call us Fred and Ginger or Beavis and Butthead if she wants. We’ll hold hands and love her anyway. And it will be that way every time you go. Right?”
“Right…. Okay, right.”
“Hey, I bet I can drink this whole Coke in two seconds.”
“Come on, Beavis, let’s go.”
“Okay, but that makes you Butthead!”


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday

  1. No kidding. You did the whole thing in dialogue, and it actually worked! Lol! Seriously, very good! Reminded me of Berg. Again, I want a full book of these two 🙂

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