Scene from a classroom…..

My students  recently had an assignment to read an article about the Texas man who was the recipient of the first face transplant. Within days of reading that article, the same man was featured on the local news. Several students from each class enthusiastically reported that they had seen the man. Whoa! A REAL WORLD connection to the CLASSROOM?!? Who’d’a thought that possible?

When my last class came in, we had the same discussion. This is my very bright class. Fewer of them had seen the news program. My take on that phenomenon is that THESE students, unlike most others, were likely busy doing their homework. So I mentioned that perhaps the news channel would have the video streaming on their web page and maybe we could watch it.

That’s when one of my darlings (I’ll call her Girl A) spoke up, her face horrified. “Watch a FACE TRANSPLANT?!?” she gasped.

There was a split second of stunned silence, then the class erupted in laughter. I stared a moment, then went on with the rest of what I had to say.

A few moments later, Girl A and her good friend (Girl B) who sits next to her started squabbling. This is unusual in my class. I looked to them and simply said, “Hey!”

Girl A pointed to Girl B and said, “She’s being mean to me!” It looked like she was serious.

That’s when Girl B looked to her, frowning, and said, “You are so stupid.”

My mouth dropped open. I cannot express how unusual all this is for my classroom. The class saw my reaction and laughter burst forth again.

Girl B explained: “Ms. Smith, you know how you said we could watch the video on the computer, and she” (jutting her thumb) “said, ‘Of the face transplant?’ and we all laughed?”

I nodded, still stunned.

“Well, while we’re calming down and you’re going on with your talking, she leans over to me and says, ‘She never did answer my question.'”

The class explodes in laughter again, Girl B crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows at me, justified in her pronouncement of her friend’s intelligence. Girl A is blushing now, but just as clueless as before.

Did I explain it? Nope. Did I say this was my BRIGHT class? Yep. Imagine what the rest of my day is like.



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