Shopping is not an unusual event for most people, I’m sure, but it’s not something I do often. A run into the grocery store, a quick dash into one of the retail giants for a thing or two, sure, but leisurely shopping just for fun? Not so much.  Unless, I hasten to add, it’s for books….totally different situation.

So Saturday was a real treat for me. My Dad and I, after lunch, went to a department store. He went to look for something and told me to go check out the clothes. Really? Like, try them on and stuff? Wow. So I did. Not something I normally enjoy, but there was no pressure, no “have to have,” and he offered to pay! I didn’t find anything, but I enjoyed looking. Nice and quiet, no rush….. you know, leisurely.

The store is part of a shopping center which forms an L-shape. So as I pulled away, we stopped at the corner of the L to look down the row of shops and see what else was in there. I was in a relaxed mood now – I might do the unthinkable and shop somewhere else!

That’s when the lady behind me laid on her horn. Not just a little tap to ask me to move, mind you. This was a blaring , loud honk that had me looking down to see if I had accidentally hit my own horn. Apparently, hers was not a leisurely day. Honestly, I can see someone missing the green arrow, or stopping in the middle of the road….but a shopping center parking lot? You can be in too much of a hurry.

By the time I got to the coffee shop with Dad, I was calming back down. It’s just a shame, I’m thinking and saying as we get out of the car and stroll up to the doors, that people have to be in that much of a hurry, not to mention that rude. (A simple tap would have sufficed and I wouldn’t have sarcastically waved as if she was my very best friend which I was hoping would annoy her.) As I’m pondering all this and Dad and I are ambling toward the door, a woman sweeps up beside us and snatches the door handle while my hand was an inch from it, then rushes into the store ahead of us.

Dad and I just stared at her, then each other, then cracked up laughing. And no, she wasn’t late for anything. According to her order and her demeanor, she was just not willing to wait for us and “honked” at us by all but pushing us out of the way to get in there.

To this rushing about, this rudeness, this “I’m-the-only-person-in-my-universe-that-matters” attitude, this all powerful dependence on time and its precedence over people, this entitlement and must-be-first thinking —- to all this I say, “Whoa.” You’re really missing something.


2 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. Don’t you wonder what is so all-fired important? I also take pleasure when they blow by me on the highway and I pull up beside them at the next traffic light. Hmm…..

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