It’s the end of the school year. Can you hear the crunching noise? That’s my teeth grinding and my back breaking under the load of stuff I have to do. And more just got added….a LOT more. So fiction Friday, which is normally Flash Fiction Friday, just got shorter.

I was made aware a couple of years ago of a trend in fiction related to the onset of Twitter. The trend, started by Twitter itself, is in the spirit of Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-word masterpiece:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Wow. So Twitter users were challenged to write short stories in the usual Twitter limit of 140 characters or fewer. Some of the stories published in that challenge included one by a writer using the name Thelonius Monk: “When Gibson hit that homerun in the fall of eighty-eight, my old man had never been so happy. He hugged me for the first time. I was eleven.”

An honorable mention: “The priest at the funeral home asked if she had been a loving mother. The children all stared at each other. The silence spoke volumes.”

I love the winning entry that year by a writer named Ron Gould:  “‘Time travel works!’ the note read. ‘However you can only travel to the past and one-way.’ I recognized my own handwriting and felt a chill.”

Get it? You get the essence of an entire story is just those 140 characters or less. Up for a challenge? Give it a shot! Hit the “leave a comment” button below and “tweet” your story. Remember puncutation and spaces count as characters, so count carefully! 🙂

I’ll get it started: “My grandfather was a lawyer. My father was a lawyer, as are both of my brothers. Sighing, I picked up my hardhat and went to work.”


6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday

  1. As I head off to work, I think of my dogs. They are fed, groomed, exercised, and most of all loved. I want to be one of my dogs.

  2. Down my bedroom deck steps, to the lower porch, a outside table, a cup of hot black coffee, my hubsand, seven kids sound asleep that is Gods gift to me for the day

  3. The mother kept fainting at her young daughter’s funeral. Her young son hung his head & wondered why he had played with the gun.

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