Last Day of School

Derrick Johnson sighed, rested his chin in his hand, and looked at the clock again. He was so sick of school. He looked around him, everyone dressed just like him in the school uniform. He frowned. He was dressed just like them, yet he knew they thought he looked different. He knew they made fun of him behind his back. He sighed again, shifted in the desk. He guessed he should be thankful that they bullied him quietly and behind his back and not to his face.

Derrick sighed again, slumping in his seat. Would this day never end? Final exams, the clock barely moving, when summer was just outside the doors. He hated school, wanted to quit. His mother, trying to shame him, asked him what he would do if he quit school. Play video games all day? Derrick grimaced. Maybe. Skateboard? Probably. And what’s wrong with that, he wondered? Anything would be better than this drudgery.

Derrick looked at the clock again. They weren’t allowed to talk or move or do anything until everyone was done with the exam. He looked to his right and frowned. That girl would take right up to the last second, reading every. Single. Word. She would pour over each answer, analyzing each and every choice multiple times. And she would probably get a perfect grade.

Derrick looked to his left at the boy sleeping, his head on his arms, mouth open. Probably drooling on the desk. He finished in the first 15 minutes, no doubt not reading a single word, and marking the answers according to some crazy pattern in his head. Odds alone would get him a few questions right.

Derrick Johnson looked at the clock again. Had it even moved? Oh how he hated school this time of year. He couldn’t wait to get outside. If he didn’t have to come….. What? Maybe his mother was right – what WOULD he do? Derrick looked around again. He would miss these guys if he didn’t get to see them everyday. Even thought they were mean, picked on him, and generally made his life difficult. Sighing again, he rubbed his eyes. He guessed he was okay about being here. Even wanted to be most of the time.

Still, he was glad it was the last day.

The meticulous girl was finally standing up to turn in her test. Derrick sighed with relief. The class began to shift and squirm and one girl raised her hand.

“Mr. Johnson? Is it okay if we talk quietly now?”

Derrick slowly pushed himself up from the desk and stretched. “Sure,” he said, “but first, let me give you some ideas of books you could be reading over the summer.”

He grinned as the class groaned. The last five minutes of the year – the teacher’s greatest revenge.


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