It’s another technology attack day! I cannot begin to estimate how much money my parents spent on posterboard when I was a kid. Then when my two got in school, it was the same thing – posterboard, notebook paper, science fair backboards…..

Not any more!! I just made a poster on the computer which included sounds, video, and photographs. Not only that, but the packet she handed us when we came in about how to use this website, we are not allowed to keep. Why? we whined. Because, she explained, our district wants us to get our heads around the whole “paperless thing.”

Paperless thing? I grew up in a town with a large Mead Company plant. I know they hate to hear those two words.

Is this good? Sure! So what’s the problem? Well, besides being shoved out of my comfort zone, again, it’s a constant stream of click-click-click, copy-copy-copy. I would miss them having to put their OWN ideas and their OWN artwork to the test. Sure, they can type their own copy in this program and that’s good, but it almost allows a type of perfection before its time. What they’re working toward is a professional-level product using high-level technology.

So what’s wrong with that?

Honestly, I don’t know. Nothing, I suppose. Just another step further away from my comfort zone, another change happening too fast that I’m barely prepared for.

On my i-toy, I have a “coloring” app which requires whatever child is playing with it to click a color, point the arrow, click again, and – voila! – the section is colored in with that designated color.  How creative is that, really?  But it looks nice – everything is uniform and all in the lines.  The little one at my house, though, is surrounded by crayons and markers and coloring books and paper and poster paper and our house is papered with her ever-improving creations – initial out-of-the-lines coloring and all.  An occasional point and click won’t hurt her, but what about those children who don’t have an enriched environment like hers?  Aren’t they missing something by jumping into electronic perfection?

Ah well, sour grapes…. I’m just going to miss my box of markers and am wondering how long it will be before children don’t know what crayons smells like.


One thought on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. Valid point. We sacrifice personal creativity at the temple of technology.. Yet I believe the really creative ones will use that and create better and newer masterpieces. Where there is life it finds a way.

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