We had a long conversation with two dear friends recently, the ending conclusion of which was this: Satan is alive and well and wiley. He knows just what to do to “get” us and keep us as ineffective as possible. But the obvious bigger conclusion was – and is – that even though Satan has been given control of the world, God is in control of His people and He trumps Satan every time. My son wore a t-shirt by David Nassar until it was barely wearable that said it simply: “Satan is a nerd.”

But that conversation cemented a little more something my mind has been trying to grasp for the past few weeks. I’m not sure I’m “there” yet, but it can’t be stilled, so I’m going to try to express it.

There has been a huge push in the Christian world in recent years for men to reclaim their leadership role in their families. Even the secular media has gotten hold of it with public service commercials about men being the fathers they should be. Who doesn’t have a Father’s Day picture frame with the saying “Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy” on it? Obviously where there’s a push to reclaim it means something’s been lost. And why would our men cease to be daddies? Because Satan knows that our feelings toward God as our Father are very often intertwined with our feelings toward our earthly dads. I don’t know how many people we’ve talked to and counseled over the years who have had a very difficult time accepting the unconditional love of God, and finding out it ties in directly with not receiving the necessary love of their earthly father.

It’s part of Satan’s bigger plan. Make it harder for them to see Him as He is — a loving, benevolent, Abba Daddy.

Now look at marriage. Is there any institution in our world which is taking a bigger hit lately? The marriage of a man and a woman, a bride and a groom. Between the perversion of the practice and the steadily growing divorce rate – especially among Christian families – the very picture of marriage is marred.

Why would this matter to Satan? Pull out your Bible concordance and look up “marriage” and “bride” and “bridegroom” and prepare to be surprised. Over and over and over God likens Himself to us as the Bridegroom (Jesus) and the bride (us). Part of understanding the relationship between us is understanding that institution of marriage. There’s a reason God said that the married are now ONE in Him. And every human being knows the anticipation of the Bridegroom and how He looks at His Bride. Past the ceremony itself is the lifetime commitment of a loving relationship where the two are seen by God as one. By undermining this bedrock institution, Satan has damaged our view of our relationship with God as it was meant to be.

Our view of God as our Father. Our view of our relationship with God as a marriage. Wow. Satan really is good at this. Too many of us are succumbing to the pressures of the world and letting it happen. Many of us refuse to go down without a fight. Satan himself is a formidable opponent, no doubt about it. But I think sometimes we forget that we’re fighting this war backwards. The war was won at Calvary. These battles that Satan is fighting are all part of a war he has lost already. Am I going to let him keep me ineffective or beat down here when I’ve already won in the heavenlies? I think not.

I’m on the side of my Daddy and anticipating my reunion with my Bridegroom who sees me as beautiful. Not on the side of the nerd.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Great! Satan has been working to do just as you have said. That was an insightful evaluation of the battle that we face and the victory that we can already claim. Good job.

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