Memoir Monday on Tuesday!

(This is a combination Memoir Monday and Tickle-Me Tuesday since I had a connection issue Monday evening.)

We traveled once by air when our first was less than a year old. The first leg was very difficult – the air pressure was off somehow and an infant can’t chew gum or be told to swallow. Even the bottle didn’t help. We had a bit of a layover after that, thank goodness. I knew she needed to stretch, so I laid her on the seat next to me. She just fit – from arm to arm. She relaxed, looking around, and I picked my book back up.

She was a chatty little thing and I was happy to hear her doing her baby blabber. I heard a laugh and looked up. There were six people sitting across from us, facing us. The lady on the end – my left – was smiling at my little one who rewarded her with a huge toothless grin. I smiled at the lady, tickled my baby’s tummy, and went back to my book while my little one went back to her babbling.

I glanced up again in time to see the second person in the line across from us smiling at my baby who graced her with another big gummy grin. Soon the blabbering started again and I saw the third person smile at her, receiving a big smile in return. I put my book down and watched. Sure enough, she moved her focus to #4 and chattered until that one smiled at her too. She smiled back and shifted her gaze to number 5. By now most of one through four were watching too.

Number 5 caved quickly, got their smile reward, and it was on to number six. Houston (or wherever we were), we have a problem. Number six was a man and this man was behind a newspaper and was obviously a seasoned traveler because he had no earthly idea what was happening around him.

My baby was not deterred.

The babbling continued, her staring at that newspaper. Nothing. She blab-blabbed louder. Nope. She put a higher pitch into it. Not yet.

I just watched, fascinated, as did the other five. She never cried, never got mad. In an early example of the determination that would continue to define her, she just kept it up, getting a tad louder and louder… And louder… And-

Suddenly, the paper pulled aside and the man, frowning, peered around it to find the source of the commotion. My baby girl broke out her biggest smile yet. Even Mr. World Traveler couldn’t resist that and he smiled back at her. Numbers 1-5 laughed, Mr. 6 went back to his newspaper, and my little one, her mission complete, sighed and looked contentedly around her.

Thankfully, the next leg of the trip was much easier on my little ambassador.


3 thoughts on “Memoir Monday on Tuesday!

  1. What a great memory. I remember the day as if it were today. Her smile still lights up a room. Thanks for the walk back in time.

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