“Whoa!” Wednesday

Some things actually observed this week:

*a senior person who lied about being dizzy while in the hospital because she “didn’t want to complain”

*a young man who got so hot that he shaved off all his body hair, causing his armpits to hurt so much he had to walk around with his arms extended out “like a gorilla”

*”breaking” (that hysterical laughing thing) with a sister over the use of the word “duty”

*when I threatened to wipe out someone who stepped way beyond annoying, having a friend not counsel me, but offer to help me hide the body

*driving a Yaris

*while complaining about the heat, having a man from a northern state tell me that when he retired he was going to strap a snow shovel on top of his car and drive south until someone asked him what it was – then settle there

*being in a room with a pet bird in an open cage and NOT making a Linda-shaped hole in the nearest wall

*a phone conversation with a long-lost family member that amounted to nothing more than polite platitudes

*having God hug me when I realized that relationship was over after years of hoping

*having a rapid-fire text messaging marathon with five different people in a room with zippo signal which involved sitting in a very awkward position to keep enough bars to hit send

*getting this well-timed quote in Twitter: “I eagerly await the day when everything sad will come untrue”

Amen and amen


4 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. That is a lot of observation. I observed a lady working hard to help a family because her love was greater than her disappointment.

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