I was in an all-day conference today, the focus of which was using technology in the classroom. Yes, yes, I’ve talked about this before, but stay with me. First, I found some really cool stuff I’m actually looking forward to implementing; second, I began to truly see just how fast things are changing and how important it is for me as a teacher to try to keep up; and third, that isn’t what this blog entry is about.

It’s about the contest – the drawing. There were TONS of door prizes – everything from free food at Sonic to digital cameras. (There was even a month’s pass to a tanning salon….. Hm. The lady next to me and I both agreed that if they called our number for that one, we’d just pretend we weren’t there.)

There was one really big prize – an e-device that everyone wanted and I already happened to have. That was the last of the drawings.

So I sat through the calling of numbers. Would have been happy with the Sonic coupon, would have been thrilled with the digital camera. The numbers all around mine were called, but not mine. And then came the big prize, and with it came my dilemma.

Imagine with me, please, the situation: The Grand Prize is a really nice one and something you happen to already own. What if they call your number? Are you entitled to it? Or do you have a greater responsibility?

I could give it to a family member who doesn’t have one, I think. But this is a SCHOOL related event, the gifts being given to the TEACHERS in attendance. SO?! If it was MY ticket number that won, then I won that prize, fair and square.

Perhaps I could tell the leader of the meeting that I already have one and call another number. But wouldn’t that just be bringing prideful attention onto myself? All I’d have to do is not respond when they call my number and they’d call another one.

Or should I just take the prize?

Remember the story of the lady or the tiger? You know, the story that left you with a morality question, but never told you how it turned out in the story?

Yeah, I hated that one too.


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Just in case I just wanted to let you know your (iam sure) your favorite cousin doesnt have one. Love you so much really much much much (:

  2. Lol @ patty!!

    And I think you’re an awesome person for pausing o er that question. I’d probably lean towards keeping my mouth shut and letting them draw another number. Bummer that you didn’t get the tanning sessions though 😛

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