I just downgraded. Instead of a livingroom the size of Montana, I am now in a livingroom the size of normal-sized bedroom. It seemed like a simple solution to bigger problems, and I was more than happy to comply. But then the move started.

That’s when the shopping began and the furniture building commenced. I know this makes me an outcast to my own gender, but I really don’t like shopping. I don’t mind furniture building really (especially since I discovered the wonders of POWER tools), but eight pieces in two days?

Then there was the moving of the furniture and the placement of the furniture. Feng Shui is not something I even MINORED in, so I had a designer friend come up and fix me. She did. And to her credit, I never saw her flinch once.

But then there was more shopping for froo-froo, and more moving and more deciding and my books are still piled up and my pictures are not on the walls — oh good grief! I have to decide where to put those, too! — and there’s still mess everywhere and I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch in my dinky livingroom last night.

When I woke this morning, I opened the blinds and sat back on the couch. The windows face west, so the light was soft and diffused, a breeze gently blowing the bushes and tree in the front yard. I looked around the room… Unfinished, yes, but the blend of greens and browns and creams rich and comforting, the placement of the furniture making the room cozy and surprisingly open, the privacy created by the wall separating me from the rest of the house giving me peace.

I settled back into the couch, smiling, then had a morning conversation with my God who knew downsizing was just what I needed…..


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Everytime I think of down sizing I start shaking, my stomach starts aching, my mind starts spinning, and the excuses start flying. I really so want to down size but unless I can get over the above I will be 85 years old still climbing stairs to by bedroom and cleaning over 2000 sq feet. face it I will have to have a pcyh evaule before I will be able to downsize.

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