Remember Sweat Pants Girl? (She’s in the archives for those who don’t.) That same year I had this lovely gentleman in my class whom we will call Bob. Bob was this sweet looking fellow whom I was determined to love to pieces when I found out his own mother didn’t even like him and spoke poorly about him. Humph! says I. I shall love him and nurture him and guide his poor confused soul!

By the end of the year, it was: Aargh! says I. I shall not survive him until I can guide his poor worthless hide out of my classroom!

So last year I was much relieved to find out neither SPG nor Bob from that 6th grade class were in my 8th grade classes.

Then I found out Bob had been retained.

I saw him in the hall toward the end of last year. He’s taller than me now. We were both walking the same direction.

“Hey Ms. Smith.”

Big smile. “Hi, Bob. How are you?”

He nods. “So you’re in eighth grade now?”

Bigger smile. My only consolation about our time together the year before was I made him slightly loopier than he made me. “Yes, sir! You get to see ME next year!”

He paled a bit. “Doesn’t Mr. S. teach eighth?” he asked hopefully. This is the fun teacher that EVERY kid hopes to get.

By now we were to the doorway where we would part company. I stopped. “Oh sure,” I said, “but you don’t want him… In fact, Bob, I’m going to REQUEST you for my room!” I saw the look of horror coming into his face before I turned into the door.

So now it’s the new school year. I’m doing all the fun stuff like setting up my classroom and buying books. But then I checked my roster.

Uh huh.

I texted hubs: “School’s going to cost us big in bribe money this year – Bob is on my roster.”

His response: “No. Just need to keep good lawyer on retainer.”

He remembers Bob well.


3 thoughts on “Tickle-Me Tuesday

  1. Funny because I know thats what all the teachers say about the kids that come from the Green house. You can always tell by that stiff lipped smile. Love it.

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