I’m tired of being called names.

Some names I likely deserve, I’ll grant you that. But let’s take “liar” for example. If I have lied to you, am I then a “liar”? No. I am a person who has lied. If I have whined to you about something, am I then a “whiner”? No. The added suffix implies consistent and habitual activity. If I lie consistently and habitually so that it becomes part of who I AM…. then I’m a liar.

That’s why I’m tired of being called a sinner. Do I sin? Oh yeah…. Do I do it habitually and consistently so that it defines who I am? Absolutely not.

More than thirty years ago, I accepted the incredible gift of God’s salvation. By acknowledging my wrongdoing (sin) and my inability to correct it by myself, and by asking God to do it for me, and by realizing that it is only through His son, Jesus Christ, that that can happen, I accepted that free gift and entered into eternal life with Him.

Have I sinned since then? Oh boy have I. But here’s the miracle: when God looks at me now, he no longer sees the wretch I was when he saved me. Regardless of all the flaws and problems and weaknesses; regardless of how ugly I truly can be; what God sees when He looks at me is – and it’s even hard to say it – the righteousness of Christ. That has to be one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, but it’s right there in the Bible. When God looks at His children, He sees His Son.

Rather than puffing me up with pride, the conviction of that truth makes me even more humbly aware of my downfalls and more determined than ever to repent of all wrongdoings so that He can “clean me up,” so to speak, and make me even more like the One He sees. Conviction of sin is easy by comparison. Conviction of righteousness is almost too painfully humbling. Somehow we can believe more easily our badness and our wrongs. It seems almost sacrilege itself to accept that I am made perfect in Christ.

Yet, I am. Even me. His grace is truly amazing.

So please stop calling me (and yourself) a “sinner saved by grace.” I am NOT a sinner. I am a child of the King, saved by grace. I do sin, and believe me, I know it and I repent of it. And when I do, He lifts my chin, tells me I am forgiven, then expects me to go about His business with the bearing of the royalty I am, not continuing to grovel and mourn for what has already been forgiven. I had to face the fact that having that attitude would actually be an insult to God — calling wrong what He has made right. Isn’t that almost like calling Him a liar? God forbid.

I don’t fully understand, and – forgive me – some days I don’t fully believe it, but when my Daddy the King looks at me, He only sees His princess made in the likeness of His Son. But my believing it doesn’t change the fact of it. I am His beloved and He is mine. Wow.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Well said. We are the righteousness of God. All believers are. Fortunately it is a given righteousness and not dependent on us. We are called to obedience and love.
    Thank you for reminding me of that again.
    I love you.

  2. I agree we are now Spiritual creatures having a human experience. Ephesians 2: 9 tells us of grace, given to those who ask from their souls, keeping always mindful of how blessed we are. Because the Bible warns us that the flesh is weak in Romans 7:14-25. If Paul can say “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief .“—I Tim. 1:15. It is that we fully admit we are powerless to sin,without God through the sacrifice of His Son for our atonement, Revelations says he is on the Mercy seat, that we can be called the children of a King.

    If Paul, a true man of God, can say he is a sinner, Chief of sinners, I freely say ” I am a sinner lovingly created and blessed by our Father. Forgiven, accepted, loved and am no longer under the bondage of condemnation but FREE!”

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