Twenty-nine years. That’s how long this man has been putting up with me. Twenty-nine years. Due to a real estate decision that went in our favor, we had a little extra money. So we decided to take our first-ever for-fun vacation. First. Ever.

Where shall we go?!?! Silence. It was pathetic. We didn’t even know what we’d WANT to do. But I got to thinking about that later and I don’t think it IS pathetic. I think that’s a sign of people who are content where they are and not seeking something outside of their lives to make them happier.

But it was fun thinking about it! And we finally decided. So I am writing this from a hotel room just outside of Galveston where tomorrow morning I will join the throngs in capri sets and Panama hats climbing the ramp onto a cruise ship. Then we are off for a glorious week of…. Well, I’m not sure of what! That’s part of the fun for us — it’s all new!

So for you, my loyal blogites, I have two things to say: Due to a lack of internet connection in the Carribbean, there will be no new entries next week. Second, expect to read some cruise news in upcoming blogs! I feel lots of memoirs, tickles, whoas, and thoughtful moments coming on!

Here we go…..! On our maiden voyage!


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