We’re back. Sigh. In honor of my first cruise, the blogs this week will be on that theme….

Our anniversary was the first night of the cruise. That sent me back on Memoir Lane to that day twenty-nine years ago. I was so young, so naive. Thanks to a wonderful friend who stepped in as “mother of the bride,” the details of the wedding were taken care of. Left to me, I don’t know what would have happened.

I was mostly unaware, but the rehearsal was a mess. It was like God kept me blissfully ignorant of life around me. My intended and I had a “discussion” about some changes in the vows themselves. My bridesmaids weren’t speaking to me.

Then apparently our friend who was to sing the Lord’s Prayer couldn’t hit a note of it in the practice. The pianist’s eyes grew wide and she stood up from the bench. “Come with me!” she barked and dragged him to the church’s basement for some quick music lessons and practice sessions. I remember her looking panicked, but if I thought anything it was, “Oh, it’ll be okay….” Apparently it wouldn’t have been.

Pre-hubs and I worked out the vows thing. The bridesmaids were at least civil. And the next day our friend sang the Lord’s Prayer without a hitch.

The wedding was beautiful in a simple way. My flowers were daisies, my colors were springy, and my intended sang to me as I started down the aisle. (Hearing that story, a friend of his family wondered aloud if he’d sung “Why Me, Lord?” Not that day, but there have been plenty of verses of that over the years!)

I remember almost every detail of that day. I remember the surprise quartet at the reception (they didn’t even come to the wedding for fear I would figure it out), the horse and buggy outside the church (and my flower girl going nuts over it and riding with us), the food at the buffet reception and how little of it we ate because our table was alongside the line to the food. (That night we ordered room service at the hotel and I sat on the edge of the bed, my left hand covering most of my face so they’d be sure to see my rings and know I was a married woman.)

We recorded (audio) the wedding and I’ve never listened to it. I’ve wondered why over the years and have come to this conclusion: There are some things that are treasured in your heart that just need to stay there as they are, not dampened, tampered with, or disturbed. I remember my wedding day. It was mine. And it shall be forever in my heart just the way I remember it.


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