Some moments of “Whoa!” (as opposed to “woe”) during my cruise week:
~my room was cleaned and made up twice a day; at night was a turn-down service with chocolate mints and an animal made out of towels
~sitting on the balcony in the dark listening to the sound of the surf as the ship did its 20 knots through the water
~people talking in elevators!
~a gorgeous Down Syndrome married couple charming everyone they met
~seeing the island of Grand Cayman through the eyes of a young man totally in love with his home
~being taken to H*** by that same young man
~being in the Carribbean in AUGUST
~my room was cleaned twice a day
~being without internet, cell phone, texting, email for a week and surviving
~reading four books
~meeting people who leave their families (one young woman with three children at home in the Philippines) for six or more months at a time to work on the ship
~listening to a Pakastani man saying, “No problem, mon!” as if to prove to me he was Jamaican
~my room was cleaned twice a day
~sitting in a huge, ultra fancy restaurant, watching the sun set over the water
~food. 24/7. Free ice cream. 24/7.
~Warm. Chocolate. Melting. Cake.
~even though they had just set a load of folks OFF the boat as we were coming on, everyone acted as if we were their first customers ever

There was so much more…. It was all I had been promised and more than I could have imagined. I am so very grateful.

And did I mention that my room was cleaned twice a day?



3 thoughts on ““Whoa!” Wednesday

  1. Tw2o Cheers for Warm Chocolate Melting Cake and ice cream. and a 18 ounce steak, and a great wife to share it all with.

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