“Oh wow! I did NOT see that coming!”

“I know! I was sure the father did it.”

“It’s better this way. If it was the neighbor, it explains the whole-”

“Right, right. I hadn’t thought of that. But it would still-”

“True, it would, but think about-”

“Oh yeah! That’s good.”

“You realize we haven’t finished a sentence in like-”

“Ten years?” Lee laughed. “If I wanted to finish sentences, I’d spend my time with someone else.”

Beth nodded. “Well good because-”

“Me too. Let the dog out.”

“I am, I am! Let’s have some popcorn, huh?”

“Good idea. I’ll get some started.” Lee went into the kitchen.

“None of that microwave stuff.” Beth stood at the door, watching for the dog.

“I like the microwave stuff. And there’s not as much clean-up.”

“You’re just lazy.”


A few moments later they were settled in watching the next scheduled program, happily munching away on popcorn, the dog resting at Beth’s feet.

“What’s a six letter word for think tank?”

Beth sighed. “I hate it when you do crossword puzzles during the program. How can you concentrate, catch the nuances of the mystery?”

Lee penciled in his answer. “By the way, there’s dna evidence in the closet.”

“What? How do you– Oh, okay. Point taken. And I don’t know.”

“It’s okay, I got it. Your feet hurt?”

Beth mumbled her agreement, but added, “Not too bad, though. You want some coffee?”

“Sounds good…”

As the program ended, Lee yawned. “That was-”

“Yeah, I thought so too. You better-”

“I will, but my appointment’s not until-”

“I know, but you still-”

“I remember, I promise. Let’s call it a night.”

Beth sighed sleepily. “Good idea. I’ll just be a minute in the bathroom.”

Moments later, the two were snuggled into bed, curled up on the pillows, the talk slowing with the onset of sleepiness.

“Your blinks are getting longer,” Lee said, smiling. “Go on to sleep.”

Beth grinned. “You too. Go ahead and turn on the fan.”

“The noise won’t bother you?”

“Nope, I’m going to sleep. Good night, my prince.”

“Good night, my wench.”

“If you raise my adrenaline levels and wake me up, I’ll-”

“Sorry, just kidding, sweet one. Good night. I love you.”

“Good night, darling.”

Then, in a perfectly sychronized waltz borne of familiarity, the two clicked off their phones at the exact same moment, Beth sweeping around to turn off her light, Lee reaching over and switching on his fan, both settling into their separate beds, allowing sleep to envelope them.


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