I don’t like people very much today. I just drove to Starbucks – to the further away drive-through to avoid standing in line with people – staring and scowling at other drivers and even workers in the inevitable and ever-present work zones.

I made the mistake of reading the “news” this morning, including one of the worst cases of animal (dog) cruelty I’ve ever read. In my opinion, even more cruel than lighting them on fire, which was very trendy there for awhile. My personal opinion as to the punishment for those crimes shocked even those who love me most.

As I drove, I pictured that tortured dog, the description of which was way too clear, then superimposed a picture of the two I spent time with last night. One was an aging Golden, in the last stages of disease. Her sister dog is two-month-old Shih Tzu puppy. Here’s a woman who is doing what she can to keep her sick dog comfortable, yet wisely lessening the pain of her long goodbye with a new companion. I’m convinced that, as a single woman, she couldn’t bear to be alone when that time came. So, while she is still treasuring the time she has with an old friend, she now has a new furry shoulder to lean on.

And then we’ve got someone out there who found pleasure in cruelty beyond comprehension. So I scowled at everybody and hurried home to bar the door.

Anne Frank, even in her imprisonment in the attic room, said she believed that people were truly good at heart. Are they really? I thought again of the news story. When someone found the dog, she – naturally – ran like crazy, even in her pain. Animal control officers and at least ten volunteers searched on foot, horseback, and four-wheelers for hours in Texas heat to find her. Which they did. Now she’s being expertly cared for by a team of people and there will no doubt be hundreds of people who will volunteer to give her a loving home.

Even in Nazi Germany, Anne Frank could see that the good outnumbered the bad.

So I need to send cosmic apologies to some people – the woman who innocently annoyed me and I made a face at in the Starbucks drive-through line, the other people on the road who no doubt wonder what in the world they did to deserve such a look, to God for not liking people – His most treasured possession.

But first….I’m going to go hug my dog.


One thought on “Dog Days

  1. You always amaze me at the topics you cover. We do live in a messed up world and there are a lot of cruel people. But, there are a lot of good ones who try to do good. Love you.

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