It’s been quite a week. Oh poo – it’s been quite a month. Yesterday was Murphy’s Law from the beginning; one of those days when nothing seems to flow just exactly as it should, never seemed to quite get my feet under me.

So this morning, I’m a little gun shy. I wanted to talk about something with hubs on the way in, but yesterday everything out of my mouth was acerbic and started issues. But I tried and it went very well. Hard issue, great conversation. Hm. Maybe this day is looking better already.

On the drive to my day after dropping him off, I turned on a classical station I found that actually plays music in the morning and doesn’t have two hours of news. Of course it was playing advertisements. I felt my tension building as I got closer to work. Would I be the klutz I was yesterday? Would I be as unfocused and awkward and sad?

Then the announcer said it was time for the “Road Rage Remedy” and started the music. Clair de Lune. Oh my…. I turned up the volume, tried not to close my eyes, and sailed down the road, my little universe suddenly larger and all-encompassing, blocking out the rest, the music raising my spirits and lowering my blood pressure and somehow, in the magic of music, making everything okay again.

And then, a bonus. In my rattled brain at the start of the piece, I heard the announcer say the title and the composer, only this time he used initials which was odd, but as the song finished, I found myself trying to remember who wrote it since I couldn’t think of any composer with the initials “W. C.”

Think about it. Maybe you’ll have the same cleansing laugh I did.


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