I love new beginnings and I love planning. Those two loves came gloriously together this morning when I began laying out my 2016 daily Bible reading. I have felt compelled to read the Bible through again, but this time from beginning to end. (I’ve used the plan which has Old Testament and New Testament passages each day. It’s easier to tackle Leviticus when you know you have Matthew to look forward to.) I found a plan on-line (of course – what ISN’T on-line??), but – true to my obsessive nature – I didn’t want to rely on the internet each morning. So that meant typing it up.

All 365 entries. Except 2016 is a leap year, so it’s 366 entries.

So with “thirty days hath September…” rolling through my head and my cell phone next to me with the plan written out (but numbered 1-365, not dated), I began typing. And typing.

I ended the 365 day plan on Dec. 28.

That thudding sound was my head on the keyboard.

Get up. Get another cup of coffee. Start going through the whole thing. First dates, then passages.

Aha! There it is!! I chopped off the end of Esther. (Sorry, Queenie!) But that was only one day.

So I start correcting from there. And correcting. Somewhere along the way, I found the date mistake and corrected it. I split an especially long day at the end into two and – VOILA! – 366 days and all the Bible covered.

I am not even going to explain how I had to retype half of it to make it fit into the format that I wanted it in… Or how long it took me to copy it back-to-back without part of it coming out upside down.

But it’s done now – folded, stapled, labeled “2016,” and tucked into the back of my Bible. BAM!

The best part was typing through it the first time and watching special dates roll around.

Uh-oh – Deuteronomy on my birthday. Starting into the Chronicles when my new grandson is born. Job at the end of the school year. That seems appropriate. Psalms through June – nice!

There’s my Dad’s 88th birthday. The distraction of wondering if we would celebrate that is probably when I messed up typing the dates.

Matthew when my firstborn and I celebrate our anniversary together. Romans during Thanksgiving.

As I typed through, I found myself wondering what milestones will happen that I can’t even anticipate right now. As each date went by, I imagined the significance of that day as yet unknown. What will March 3 be like? What will be happening in my family on September 14? What will I be looking back on December 31 as I’m reading Revelation 20-22?

The uncertainty of it niggled at me a bit. My whole year was laid out before me on those neatly typed pages. But what kind of year is it going to be?

And that’s where the peace came in. I don’t know what 2016 holds, but the One who holds me DOES. And His consistency and the consistency of reading through His Word which never changes, is the comfort and peace and security that will keep me rooted even when new red lettering is being added to my calendar, good and bad.


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