There is no doubt in my mind that God can handle my big stuff.  As the songs say, there ain’t no mountain too high, problem too big, crisis too deep. Nothing is too much for God. I get that and I am beyond thankful. But what He emphasized to me this morning is there is also nothing too small. Sometimes I think that’s where we have the more difficult time with faith. “Why would I bother God with THAT?” And more, “Why would God care about that?”

I can say with certainty He wants to be “bothered” and He most certainly cares. How do I know? My car keys and a squirrel.

I couldn’t begin to number the times I have asked God to help me find my car keys, or my phone, or or or… I remember the first time far too clearly because after begging Him to help, I spied the keys and actually said, “Never mind! I got ’em!”

I’ll let that sink in.

Not my finest hour.

But He DID help me find them and has been the finder of many things since then. But how small is too small? Does God want me to consult him about my daily wardrobe and what to order at the drive-thru? Sometimes. Although normally, I would guess not. But if I DO consult Him, does He care enough to answer? Oh yes.

He also cares about how I feel, even if it’s not a “big deal” in the scheme of things. I was an insecure mess in the back of a livingroom once as my new husband was witnessing to a man we were visiting. I was a beginner Christian and didn’t know what I should be doing except sitting quietly and praying. It began to get dark. Should I turn on the lights? Should I be offering to get water? I was getting anxious about it when I looked out the window. There was a tree outside the big picture window. A branch coming toward the house had been cut, leaving a small “stump” facing the window.

That’s where the squirrel comes in. He was stretched out on that stump on his belly, his legs on either side, his head hanging off the end of it, facing me. I have never in my life seen a squirrel do that. It was the most comical thing, and I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Voila. Anxiety gone.

Did God put that squirrel there? I can’t prove it, of course, but yes, I believe He did. I can hear the conversation in Heaven.

“Father, she’s stressing out.”

“I know.”

“She’s new at this, Lord, I’m not sure she’ll hear us try to calm her.”

“I got this. Just watch. I know my girl.”

I thought about keys and squirrels on the drive in this morning as I tried to pray away a heaviness that threatened to steal my day. And that’s when it happened: small stuff.

Snippet of words in a song.

A driver letting someone into traffic.

A light turned green at just the right moment.

A free sausage biscuit.

A kid with bright orange tennis shoes.

A mom holding a little one’s hand.

And piece by piece, the small stuff, the God Stuff, chipped away at that gloom until I was smiling with and about everything. I even confronted a negative with a positive when I got to work, changing an entire day for the better.

I wish it would last. I wish I could hit some kind of pause button and keep this feeling. But this I know: when I need a reminder, He’ll have a squirrel of some sort waiting for me.




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