It almost seemed like a mistake when she walked up onto the stage. She was so very tiny. The rest of the homeschool band group, including the most amazing and beautiful clarinetist you have ever seen (I have never pretended to be an unbiased Nana), were all of normal size for their various ages. But the front-and-center flautist was an itty-bitty thing who had to climb up into the chair and whose feet dangled several inches above the floor.

I tore my eyes off that clarinetist long enough to watch the little one in the front row. Cute as a stinkin button, but what was she doing up there? I’m a teacher and fully aware that some children are extra small for their age, so that may be the case… And what was that thing in her hand? I assumed it to be a flute, but there was something weird about it.

Whispering with my daughter, who did NOT tear her eyes off the clarinetist, she told me the oddly shaped instrument was indeed a flute, but that it was modified for the little arms holding it. Instead of a straight instrument, hers curved at the mouthpiece, shortening the body of the flute to enable her to reach the farthest (furthest?) holes and buttons and thingies. And play she did – just as expertly as the taller, straight-fluted band members around her.

I haven’t been able to get that image out of my mind and this morning finally began to listen. God stuff was incoming.

I was – am – facing a task for which I feel woefully inadequate and am therefore woefully inactive – frozen by my insecurities and inabilities. Today these two situations merged in my feeble brain and I heard God say, “You just climb up into the chair. I’ll provide what you need to get the job done correctly.”


Just like so many of the questions in my life, the answer is so simple. I taught a small group of children in a Bible study way back in the early years of my church work. On one Valentine’s Day, I asked them if they knew how the holiday got started. The littlest guy in the group, shy and overshadowed by his older siblings, suddenly leapt up – seriously, leapt up – and shouted, “JESUS DID IT!” Stunned into silence, we all just stared at him. Realizing the unlikelihood of his response being true, he slowly sat back down and muttered, “Well, He gave ’em the idea.”

Perfect answer. Every time. Jesus did it, does it, will do it. Why do I continue to strive, to try to think of WHAT to do, HOW to deal?

All I truly have to do is trust that God will do it, then climb up into that chair. He’ll place whatever instrument He has modified for me into my hands and conduct my song – OUR song. And it will be beautiful … and perfect.




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